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Appreciate our wonderful environment, our beautiful nature. She deserves it. Helps us understand why saving the planet is so important for humanity. Our gorgeous nature motivates us to do more and better each and every day. 

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Everyone talks about recycling, but for me, repurposing is the easiest way to change things. Transforming waste in fun ways, creating beautiful things – that is the way we can show the next generation how easy it is to be eco-friendly.


Yes, saving the environment needs big steps, but we can also start small: Reducing our electricity usage, nixing plastic in our homes – if enough people do these things, the impact is guaranteed.  

“…I love being eco-friendly myself, and I love teaching people how to be eco-friendly. I intend to inspire them, teach some practical tricks, so they wouldn’t look at it as a burden. One day, when I looked at things closer, I realized, saving money and being eco-friendly can be a great combination. Meaning: Being eco-friendly helps costs. So what if I did something in this area? Motivate and inspire people to use what they have, instead of turning to the trash cans and then their wallets again.”

Agi Szentmiklosi
Green living, zero waste

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