About me

About me

I’m thrilled how many people are interested in my posts, especially, because it means, going green is important to a lot of us. What I have also discovered is that besides saving the environment, being eco-friendly helps costs. My goal is to share my thoughts and experiences, and to show you the beautiful side of Mother Earth.


Before I created Karma.Style, I spent 16 years in the world of media. When that ended, I realized, working 24/7 on something that is not mine is just… well, awful. It was refreshing to slow down and notice the little joys in life. „I’ve been given the gift of TIME”😊.

For years, I’ve collected different kinds of DIY project ideas, and my main goal was always to create stuff without buying the ingredients.

My problem was, I had too many ideas. Wanted to do everything at once. So eventually, I got delayed in my own enthusiasm. I knew I had to find the perfect niche first, and then move forward.

After my job ended, I realized, if I don’t spend as much money on things as before, I can make a pretty good living with my savings, I just needed to rewire my thinking and a few of my habits. 

I love being eco-friendly myself, and I love teaching people how to do these things. I just need to inspire them, teach some practical tricks, so they wouldn’t look at it as a burden. 

One day, when I looked at things closer, I realized, saving money and being eco-friendly can be a great combination. Meaning: Being eco-friendly helps costs.

A few days later on a sunny Sunday, the epiphany came: So what if I do something in that area? Motivate and inspire people to use what they have, instead of turning to the trash cans and then to the next purchase. In the meanwhile, I can show all the benefits, tricks, and tips, and wonders of repurposing DIY project ideas and saving the environment.

First, I had to find the courage to start the whole process. I had so much doubt in myself, I always found ways to procrastinate stuff. Then, I developed an autoimmune disease, which helped me realize, how much it means to take care of myself. Every time I remembered my old workplace, I reminded myself how much I love and need freedom, harmony, and peace, and most importantly no bosses in my life.  

Eventually, I had to go push through all the obstacles. Finally, I just started writing, and to tell you the truth, the response has been pulse-pounding. Being eco-friendly helps costs, but it also inspires me to do more each day.

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