How to Make DIY Fridge Magnet with Decoupage Technique

How to make DIY Fridge Magnet with Decoupage Technique at Home?

What if I tell you, that this particular DIY fridge magnet would cost you basically nothing? Plus, you even help the environment by repurposing things like tissue paper and cardboard – stuff you wouldn’t need anymore. 

My main goal with all the fun DIY projects is to repurpose stuff, decrease the amount of litter, and create brand new things out of something that was already declared as trash. One of the most important points in saving the environment is to repurpose as many things as possible right in our homes.

smiling cartoon eco-friendly alpacas DIY fridge magnet repurpose tissue paper with decoupage technique

Make your own DIY fridge magnet, repurpose a few things that lay around the house anyway.

I do have to warn you all, the homemade version of decoupage technique with tissue paper is kind of messy, but it’s a lot of fun once you get started. Just make sure you put down lots of cover paper, get towels, a bit of water, and gloves. 

This project requires 4 simple things: 

– Glue/Mod Podge/Homemade Mod Podge

– Piece of cardboard

– Wrapping tissue paper (napkin works as well)

– Magnet (Use the magnet from an old fridge magnet which you probably have already taken off in the past.)

As I mentioned – repurpose anything to help the environment:)

The Glue that holds it all together, a.k.a. the Mod Podge

Fancy mod podge is not my thing, I used classic see-through glue that I had at the bottom of the door, already dried out, and messy all around. Since I knew I can use it all and don’t need it anymore, I simply cut off the other end of the tube and squeezed everything in a bowl. If it’s not enough, mix it up with a little hot water. Make sure it still has glue consistency.

However, if you want to spice up your decoupage glue, here is a homemade version of a recipe I have tested once:

  • 1 cup cornstarch
  • 1 tbs vinegar 
  • 2 tbs salt
  • 4 cups hot water

Mix it in a bowl until it’s smooth.

Sure, you can buy the official modge podge. Although, one way to help the environment is not to always buy stuff, just make use of things that you already have. 

Back to the low-cost version of DIY Fridge Magnet.

Cardboard, and Tissue Paper

The cardboard is thick, so it stays firm even after the glue is on. If you only have cartons, to make it thicker, glue 2 pieces together. You can also cover it with white paper because the tissue paper is kind of seethrough. I lucked out with the alpaca pattern on the tissue paper because they are adorable. Someone gave me some presents wrapped around with it, and my mind just started going crazy on decoupage ideas.

Tissue papers are often used as wrapping paper, mainly if something is delicate, or fragile. And they usually use a lot of it. The papers come in pretty fun colors – especially when you go and purchase some fancy underwear😉.

repurpose tissue paper with different colours, patterns alpaca, star, repurpose at home DIY fridge magnet

Get some scissors and a brush, and gather all the stuff around you.

How to put it all together

  • Cut out the cardboard to the shape you’d like. It can be round, square, egg, Christmas tree, triangle, anything, you get the idea. But remember: the bigger the cardboard you use, the bigger magnet you need.
  • Pick out the pattern you want on the magnet from the tissue paper, and cut it a little bigger than the cardboard shape. This way, the sides can be wrapped around the back of the carton.
  • Place the paper over the cardboard, and start painting it over with the glue. Be careful with it, if you put too much pressure, the paper will tear.
  • Once you are done on the front, place it somewhere to dry. Maybe start another project as a gift for someone.
  • When it is dry, wrap the remaining tissue paper around the back of the cardboard, glue it on, and then press the magnet on it as well.
  • Finally, put it somewhere safe to dry – preferably in the sun.

And voila!

Your brand new homemade DIY fridge magnet with a cute alpaca  – or whatever you have chosen – on it is ready! By the way, did you know that alpacas are one of the more eco-friendly animals of all? 

One more idea: If you want to remember this day in like 10 years, create an extra DIY fridge magnet that you will put in a DIY Time Capsule, which is basically a plastic bottle that you can repurpose. Don’t forget, the main goal it to stop using plastic bottles all together, but when we already have it in our homes, we can at least avoid throwing them out. 

Guess what? Not only cardboard can be used as a base for DIY fridge magnets made with the decoupage technique.

Bottle caps are tiny, but they can be transformed - and more importantly, repurposed- into DIY fridge magnets as well:

– Find small pretty things like birds, roses on some saved-up tissue paper, or napkin, and cut them out. Since the bottle caps are small, the remains of the papers are perfect for this project.

– Wrap them around the top of the bottle caps, and spread the glue on the whole thing evenly. 

– Stuff the inside with leftover papers, and glue it there. Wait till it dries completely.

– Cut out a piece of cardboard shaped like the cap

– Glue it to the back.

– Take the magnet and glue it on the cardboard. 

decoupage technique diy fridge magnet of bottle cap repurpose tissue paper

And we are DONE!

Cute huh? On my fridge, I have these bottle caps with numbers, letters, animals, photos. If you make some X-s and O-s, you can play tic-tac-toe right on your fridge.

There are all kinds of things in my basement, and I keep them because I hope I can repurpose them somehow, preferably in DIY projects. I love making decorations as little gifts for others out of practically nothing. In fact, when I have a DIY session with kids or even adults, my one rule is to only bring ingredients, props, materials that they have not spent any money on. 

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