Kokopelli the God, Earth’s Great Benefactor

Kokopelli, the God, the Legend, the Man

Have you ever heard of Kokopelli, the god? Many people have, but when someone asks them, what it is, they don’t know the answer. One of the most popular searches on the internet is “Kokopelli meaning”. He is the hunchback god of fertility, mischief, and so many things, I can only summarize as “Earth’s great benefactor” – in many cultures.

I have been wearing a necklace with a Kokopelli medallion for more than 25 years, and since people often ask what it is, I had to get some answers.  

hunchback kokopelli god of fertility playing flute in front of green sun

Introducing Earth’s Great Benefactor: Kokopelli, the Hunchback God

There are pictures of him on countless jewels, keychains, magnets, clothes, and other products, and his name is used in many ways. Nevertheless, he was also a very famous ancient spiritual guide. A deity who helped our planet, appearing in many tales, myths, folk songs, and legends.

His flute’s magical sound woke up people’s imagination and creativity. It brought harmony and peace to all living creatures, plus it helped dreams come true. The flute also had a great influence on nature.

He is usually associated with being the God of Fertility, but he was a great benefactor of our beloved planet as well. The majority of people say he is the God of both Humanity, Earth’s soils, and countless other things. In other words, Kokopelli is the god of (almost) every living thing.


Kids plush toy hunchback Kokopelli god of fertility playing flute

Drawings and carvings made by the Hopi, Navajo, Pueblo tribes were discovered in the US (mainly Colorado, Utah, New Mexico), Mexico, even Peru, and some of them are more than 2200 years old by now.

hunchback kokopelli god of fertility carved in stone in new mexico
hunchback kokopelli god carving in stone in new mexico

Kokopelli, the God of Fertility and a lot more

He was part of so many different cultures over the centuries. People have seen him in different positions, with different clothes and accessories.  So, it’s no wonder, there is confusion when people see his figure or hear his name.

The reason for this is simple: Since he is the God of so many things, for so many people, cultures, therefore, it is impossible to keep up. In spite of this challenge, let’s try to summarize all the things he is known for:

Kokopelli is the hunting wizard, the storyteller, the teacher, the healer, the merchant, the charmer, the crook, a trickster. Some even believe he was the first and original journalist.

He is also the God of Fertility, adventures, musicians, merchants, harvesting, rain, life, fruit, hope, love, prosperity, recharge, pranks, mischief, pregnancy, marriage. He really deserves the title “Earth’s greatest benefactor”.

Still, this list could go on and on. One thing is for sure, though, his main profile is being the God of Fertility for mankind and their lands.

kokopelli god of fertility playing flute plainted on wood slice fridge magnet

Kokopelli, the Hunchback of Diety

Have you ever noticed the hunch on Kokopelli’s back? Why is it there? What’s really in it?

Most stories tell us that the hunchback god of fertility was walking from town to town, sprinkling seeds from his backpack. And while doing so, people asked him to help with their infertile wives, hence being the god of fertility. 

These legends are probably why the content of his hunch is very questionable, although the majority of people vote for the seeds.

However, some say he was simply hunched because of all the walking in his life.

On the other hand, there are people who think he had unborn babies in his backpack, helping childless couples to become families. In addition, he had a blanket in it, so when he “worked’ on the infertile ladies, he could offer a comfortable place to lay down. 

Above all these ideas, there are legends that say he had songs inside, which he collected on his trips and shared with others.

hunchback kokopelli god playing on flute to mother earth

And, another version is that the hunchback was packed with his clothes during his travels. In addition, he had some gifts and products to give away. To sum up, there are many many ideas, but no one knows for sure, which makes him even more mysterious.

Kokopelli, the God, The Hunchback Soil Whisperer

Besides the seeds, babies, and songs, legends said, he filled his hunch with clouds and rainbows, so he could conjure and control rain. This way, crops got just the amount of what they needed and at the same time, it provided food for all the villagers. I have collected some breathtaking photographs of flower fields that pollinators love, maybe Kokopelli had something to do with them being so beautiful.  

While walking from town to town, he was playing on his flute. His music nourished the soils and prepared them for sowing. The magical sound drew heat from the center of the Earth to melt the snow and bring forth life as well.

As he was playing on his instrument, the sun came out from behind the clouds, the grass started growing and the birds started singing.

After his magic, he carefully put away his flute and taught the inhabitants how to properly plant the seeds and care for the plants. Luckily, he spoke all the languages he needed, which made it easier for him to educate people.

hunchback kokopelli god playing music on flute so nature sky sun flowers wakes up
Kokopelli, the Lady’s Man
kokopelli god of fertility on necklace medallion

Would you have thought there is a God of Charmers? It sounds absurd, but sure, they need a God too. Maybe this is the reason, some cultures called Kokopelli the Casanova of dwellers, despite his hunchback.

Kokopelli, the god was a young handsome man, who spent his life going from town to town, searching for ladies. 

In fact, he had gifts and other goodies and products in his backpack, so he could barter, when he found the right kind of girl. He wasn’t picky, but he wasn’t a big fan of shy girls. 

Since he was the God of Fertility, infertile women were already asking him for his help, hoping he could heal them, therefore the seduction wasn’t too hard for him. 

lady's loving kokopelli waving at him

To be fair, there are some far more conservative stories about his love life. When he arrived in a town, his flute’s music flew around, letting people know he was there, looking for the perfect woman. The lady who he chose was the Lucky One and usually got pregnant around the time of his visit.

Kokopelli, the god of fertility is everywhere, even if he is just hanging on someone’s keychain or playing his flute on a T-shirt. But as long he is there, he is not going to be forgotten. Someone always will ask, what does Kokopelli mean?

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