DIY Time Capsule made of Repurposed Plastic Bottle

DIY Time Capsule Made of Repurposed Plastic Bottle

Are you planning to create a DIY Time Capsule, full of memories for a future moment? You are on the right page. Not only because there are tons of ideas, but because my version is helping the environment by reducing plastic waste – it’s made out of with a repurposed plastic bottle.

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At the end of 2015, I had so many things going on in my life, I needed to gather my thoughts and bottle them up. When I realized, how great memories these days will be once, I decided to make my very own DIY Time Capsule. Since I didn’t want to spend any money on it, I just put everything in a bottle that was lying around.  In other words, I repurposed a plastic bottle. Of course in general, it would be more important to stop using the plastic bottle and for this to happen, I gathered some alternatives I recommend using instead. Tons of other things can be repurposed in our homes, see them here.

How to make the plastic bottle look like a DIY time capsule

The whole thing could have been covered up or painted, so I wouldn’t see what’s inside, but I left it in the original form. My catch was the size of the bottleneck. But it was okay, I put only small things in it anyway. If I had wanted to put bigger things in, I would have just cut the bottle in half, and then taped it together at the end.

First, I did a lot of research, because naturally, I drew blank when I thought about things I needed besides my letter to myself. I wanted to put real interesting memories in this DIY Time Capsule, so I made quite a list by the end. It was a truly fun project. If you want to make a day of it, do it with kids, that’s even more fun for sure. 

First, here are some great DIY Time Capsule note ideas that I collected, and put in my very own repurposed plastic bottle as memories:

Letter to myself:

  • Goals, dreams
  • Current stuff happening in life with me, my family, and friends
  • Things that bother me
  • What makes me happy, and tick
  • How I will look in 10 years
  • Everything that happened to me on the day before  

Pieces of papers with just one or two words on them, which I rolled up, tied them with ribbons, and made some nice bows after writing on them:

  • Close friend’s name
  • Who I miss
  • Current everyday habits
  • Favorite flower, animal, smell, color, game, movie, music, etc
  • Funny words
  • Last food and drink I had  
DIY time capsule for memories in repurposed plastic bottle

After all the writing, here are some ideas to slip into this almost perfect DIY Time Capsule:

– Recently collected pebbles, shells 
– Nametag from the previous job
– Uniquely colored soda can tabs
– Bookmark
– An old medallion
– Photos
– Lucky charm
– A tiny dice
– Keychain
– Drawing of favorite animal
– Fridge Magnet – which I made myself with a piece of carton, glue, magnet and a tissue paper
– Money – a banknote and some coins
– Pressed flower
– Some current tickets from the movies, theater, concert, museum, party, festival, tour, etc – whatever I found in my pockets, purses, and on the fridge

When all the memories were inside, I sprayed some of my favorite perfume in the bottle and then quickly put the cap on. (Check out how to make fridge magnets with plastic bottle caps.)

memories put in DIY time capsule repurposed plastic bottle
Where did I put my DIY Time Capsule when I was done?

Of course, I didn’t want to dig a hole in the garden under the apple tree, not even for a repurposed plastic bottle and I didn’t seal it off with wax – although, both of these are great ideas. I just put it in my ‘memories box’ and marked the date in my calendar – in my case, 10 years later, 2025.

The whole point is to see how much I’ve changed in that bottled-up time.

Have fun! Whenever you decide to make one, I would be very happy to see a photo of your DIY Time Capsule, sent me a photo of it! And don’t forget, one repurposed plastic bottle is only a tiny step towards saving the environment, the main goal is to stop using plastic bottles entirely

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