Super Simple Egg-Shaped Sponge Cakes

Bake Some Super Simple Egg-Shaped Sponge Cakes

Sometimes when I want to bake something, I want to spice it up a little. Not just the taste, but the shape and colors as well. I usually get some inspiration from the internet, but then I just start adding my own ideas. That is how the Super Simple Egg-Shaped Sponge Cakes was born. And the fact that I repurposed eggshells was just icing on the cake – pun intended -.

Sponge cake recipes with thousands or different ratios can be found everywhere, but since I like to do things simple and memorizable, I tried to do the 1:1:1 ratio, and it turned out, if I really mixed the ingredients for 8 minutes, it was perfect, especially when I added some special treats in them. So enjoy this super simple sponge cake recipe and the delicious results.  

Super Simple egg-shaped Sponge cakes after peeling

Let's bake some eggs with repurposed eggshells!

All you need is a super simple sponge cake recipe with 1:1:1 ratio, some blown-out eggshells, and the Super Simple Egg-Shaped Sponge Cakes are almost ready!

The eggs are about the same size as muffins. Although there are different kinds of barnyard birds, they have different-looking eggs. So if you want a more unique-looking egg-shaped sponge cake, dig into this article.

Are you thinking about having a barnyard full of poultry and having your very own fresh eggs every day?

It’s probably easier if you start the shell collection way sooner, maybe even have a box for them. Also, ask your family and friends to think of you when they cook. Repurposing eggshells is easier than would ever think. 

Let's prepare to bake these Super Simple Egg-Shaped Sponge Cakes:

Start by gathering the ingredients and props:

Carefully punch the holes on the top and bottom of the eggshells. You can use a pushpin, but be very careful. Make sure the holes are big enough to let the air in and the white and yolk out. When the holes are ready, lean over a bowl, and blow out the eggs into it.

Place a muffin pan on the table, and put the little muffin cups in it. Then, tuck some folded foil into the muffin cups. This way, it will be easier for the repurposed eggshells to stand up straight and stay steady. 

With this mixture, you will have about 5-8 super simple egg-shaped sponge cakes.

repurposed eggshells in muffin case for super simple egg-shaped sponge cakes

Mix the ingredients of the super simple sponge cake recipe

Preheat the oven to 180 Celsius degrees (about 350 Fahrenheit).

Start preparing the super simple sponge cake recipe according to the infographics image. 

After you are done with the mixing (for the whole 8 minutes!), you can crank the cake up a notch. 

Put some extra ingredients in the mixture, such as banana, blueberry, strawberry, pear, smashed nut, cinnamon, cocoa, etc., and just carefully stir it with a spatula.  

Make sure the extra ingredients fit through the hole of the repurposed eggshells.

1:1:1 super simple sponge cake recipe infograph recycle eggshells

Pour and Bake

The super simple egg-shaped sponge cakes are almost done! 

You can either:

  • use a spoon, and slowly drip it in the eggshells
  • use a bowl that has a spout
  • put it in a piping bag and start pressing it.

The mixture only needs to be filled with a little over half of the repurposed eggshells. 

If you haven’t used any extra ingredients in the mixture, you can put a little marmalade, pudding, chocolate, or vanilla cream in the middle.

super simple sponge cake recipe, filling the repurposed eggshells with cream

When you are done filling all the repurposed eggshells, put the pan in the oven. 

The Super Simple Egg-Shaped Sponge Cakes are almost ready!

In about 20 minutes, you can start sticking a needle in the eggs to see if they are ready.  When the needle is clean, you can take out the pan. Don’t forget to turn off the oven, and if you can, unplug it as well. Did you know that if you leave machinery on standby, the Phantom Power is slowly feeding on the electricity?

Wait for them to cool off. Otherwise, it will be impossible to peel off these repurposed eggshells. 

When they are lukewarm, carefully start smashing the eggshells, and peel them off like it’s a boiled egg. 

Super Simple Egg-Shaped Sponge Cakes repurposed eggshells being peeled
1:1:1 super simple sponge cake recipe baked in repurposed eggshells

Voila, the unique and super simple egg-shaped sponge cakes are done! Have fun seeing the reaction on people, when they realize what you have done! It’s not only fun and surprising, you are reducing waste at the very same time. You can still reuse the eggshells after you are done with the cake because the shell pieces are still very useful

You can even sprinkle it in your compost bin, the vitamins that shells contain will do wonders. There are 10+1 tips I have gathered to maintain the perfect compost pile, and produce the best soil for next year’s gardening. 

Do you live in the city and can’t have a compost bin? Check out my solution, it not only helps reduce waste but is also pretty nice looking on a terrace.  

Want to know what else you can reuse and repurpose in your everyday life? See this article.

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